South for construction s.a.l (SFC) is a lebanese contracting company specialized in infrastructure, road works, marine works, buildings and maintenance of infrastructure network utilities.

Founded in February 1987, since then within a period of 30 years, SFC takes pride of its works that by time proved to be one of the leader companies in the field of construction in Lebanon.

The timeline of SFC by the date of its institution shows a progressive evolution of the amount of projects and the size of the company.

Project Listing

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"2005" - "2008"

 The works comprise mainly of creating new parking places and gardens, rehabilitation and development of streets and urban spaces and building facades.

"2005" - "2010"

This project included the rehabilitation and upgrading of an 11.1 km road: 1. Construction of a new bridge 150 ms and 2 other 9 ms span 2. Reconstruction and widening of an 11.1 km road 3. Construction of retaining walls 4.

"2010" - "2014"

The project incorporates upgrading the existing international road from baalechmay interchange to Saoufar interchange so as to develop into 2 x 2 lanes divided highway for 4 km, and 3 x 2 lanes divided highway for 2 km. Task

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