South for construction s.a.l (SFC) is a lebanese contracting company specialized in infrastructure, road works, marine works, buildings and maintenance of infrastructure network utilities.

Founded in February 1987, since then within a period of 30 years, SFC takes pride of its works that by time proved to be one of the leader companies in the field of construction in Lebanon.

The timeline of SFC by the date of its institution shows a progressive evolution of the amount of projects and the size of the company.

Our Philosophy

The mission of SFC is to offer expert contracting services, based on up-to-date knowledge, quality assurance, safety, cost awareness, and on-time delivery. South for construction is committed to contribute to the welfare and protection of the natural and human environment. In this respect, SFC designs and contributes to projects that are considered as pilot ones in the area.

Quality Policy

Quality Policy In line with ISO 9001:2008 SFC strives constantly to meet the following quality objectives to:

  • Accomplish quality objectives by establishing, implementing and maintaining an effective documented Quality Assurance System complying with the requirements of ISO 9001 : 2008.
  • Understand and meet our Clients' requirements and expectations by performing the correct tasks defect free, first time, on time, every time.
  • Continually improve levels of quality through the use of effective procedures
  • Maintain and enhance SFC's reputation for quality and service by providing and maintaining a pleasant and disciplined working environment, which motivates staff to pursue the highest quality standards in their work.
  • Make quality a natural reflex.
  • Set achievable targets and goals.
  • Ensure that the quality policy is presented to all new employees through orientation and ongoing training and constantly reinforced by management to ensure understanding and commitment at all levels.
  • Maintain a constant focus on quality, dedication, commitment, and teamwork.

Safety Policy

SFC is committed to preventing, reducing and eliminating of undesired events that could result in loss and to protecting the interest of the Company, its Employees and Clients at all times. To achieve these aims, SFC has embarked on a risk management and safety Program to:

  • Maintain standards of occupational health and safety, in order to prevent accidents, human suffering and loss of employees and others affected by SFC's activities and to prevent property damage and loss of process.
  • Establish and maintain a safe and healthy work environment.
  • Protect property, equipment and material from all downgrading incidents.
  • Provide prompt accident notification, investigation and reporting.
  • Prevent negligence of safety and health regulations.

Information Technology

SFC's Information Technology Department is devoted to ensuring that management, employees, clients and others can rapidly access and exchange information across companies and geographically-dispersed offices. All members of SFC's staff, without exception are computer literate.

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