South for construction s.a.l (SFC) is a lebanese contracting company specialized in infrastructure, road works, marine works, buildings and maintenance of infrastructure network utilities.

Founded in February 1987, since then within a period of 30 years, SFC takes pride of its works that by time proved to be one of the leader companies in the field of construction in Lebanon.

The timeline of SFC by the date of its institution shows a progressive evolution of the amount of projects and the size of the company.

Job Opportunities

SFc's counting success is dependent upon its readiness to accept modern methods,Knowledge is the Group's working motto. Meeting client requirements through attention to employee needs.
SFC's continuing success is dependent upon its readiness to accept modern methods, to skillfully integrate new technologies, and to maintain professional management.
The SFC community is proudly multi-cultural, bringing together people as diverse in nationality and religious and ethnic background as they are in field of specialization.
SFC recruits candidates based on the extent of their education and/or experience. Newcomers to the field gain this experience as they move with SFC for work exigencies, from region to another.
The human staff comprises about 350 persons including engineers, administrative, foremen, technicians and various categories of drivers and labors.
A motivated team that is trained to perform according to the new operating and organizational modes, the modern management systems, and that is ready to continually adapt to the changing environment.
SFC believes in dialog and relation building with employees. It remains committed to promoting initiative, self-control, and effective teamwork.
To know more about the SFC Human Resources please do not hesitate to contact us

LSE Fellow in Development Management

LSE Fellow in Development Management


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